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New Bounce District Jerusalem - SMOOTHY

Title: New Bounce District Jerusalem Artist: SMOOTHY Genre: CEDM Release date: March 16th, 2024 Type of release: Single Source: Artist  Story: Instrumental CEDM track. It's the story of the artist that is key here... Artist Bio: While perusing through a music store with a couple of his Jamaican DJ friends, SMOOTHY spied out this little audio unit called a Roland MC303. Both his buddies knew what it was , but this was new to him. After being just flabbergasted by what it could do, and seeing that it was on clearance SMOOTHY bought it. “I took it home and couldn’t stop messin’ with it. I would end up playing some small venues/gatherings and not much more. I would eventually outgrow the little unit and sell it to some young buck who wanted to play house parties”. At about the same time, SMOOTHY became increasingly disturbed by the lack of morals in the music industry and even more disturbed that Christ Followers were listening to music that he considered filthy and vain. “That’

Holy Spirit Lead - The Two Fake Blondes

Title: Holy Spirit Lead Artist: The Two Fake Blondes Genre: CEDM Release date: March 8, 2024 Type of release: Single Source: Artist Story: Husband and wife duo The Two Fake Blondes are a couple on fire with a mission to spread joy as far and as wide as possible. Their music has found its way onto SiriusXM, in rotation on billboard charting radio station c89.5, as well as heavy editorial support from numerous Spotify playlists that has attributed to them over 1M combined streams across DSPs. Today, they’re excited to release their first single of 2024, titled “Holy Spirit Lead”. Inspired by their experience leading worship together, 'Holy Spirit Lead' originally began as an acoustic worship track that The Two Fake Blondes eventually evolved/transformed into a transcendent dance music anthem. The track's electrifying beats and uplifting melodies serve as a powerful backdrop for lyrics that inspire awe and surrender to God. “We wrote this song while we were temporarily l