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Holy Spirit Lead - The Two Fake Blondes

The Two Fake Blondes - Holy Spirit Lead

Title: Holy Spirit Lead

Artist: The Two Fake Blondes

Genre: CEDM

Release date: March 8, 2024

Type of release: Single

Source: Artist


Husband and wife duo The Two Fake Blondes are a couple on fire with a mission to spread joy as far and as wide as possible. Their music has found its way onto SiriusXM, in rotation on billboard charting radio station c89.5, as well as heavy editorial support from numerous Spotify playlists that has attributed to them over 1M combined streams across DSPs.

Today, they’re excited to release their first single of 2024, titled “Holy Spirit Lead”. Inspired by their experience leading worship together, 'Holy Spirit Lead' originally began as an acoustic worship track that The Two Fake Blondes eventually evolved/transformed into a transcendent dance music anthem. The track's electrifying beats and uplifting melodies serve as a powerful backdrop for lyrics that inspire awe and surrender to God.

“We wrote this song while we were temporarily leading worship for a small, passionate congregation. While written originally as an acoustic worship track, this drum and bass track emotionally lifts the spirit, while the lyrics put one on their knees in awe and surrender to the God most high. We wanted to create a richness that wraps the longing for Christ’s guidance with the deepness of a soaring melodic hallelujah, something that can resonate with fans of both Christian and Electronic music.” - The Two Fake Blondes

Composed of Hannah Mac (formerly Hannah Michelle Weeks) and Petey Mac, The Two Fake Blondes have rapidly risen to prominence since their formation. The duo's commitment to using their music as a platform for positivity and connection is evident in tracks like 'Lifeline,' a cathartic vocal house anthem released in support of National Suicide Prevention Month, which premiered on SiriusXM's Day Life. In 2021, The Two Fake Blondes released their debut album 'Out Of The Darkness,' released as a testament to resilience and hope amidst the challenges of 2020. Dancing Astronaut praised it, stating that “they explore the wide range of emotions that make us human and find a deep sense of optimism in the process.”

Across their catalog, they’ve been supported by Don Diablo, Steve Aoki, and Ultra Music Festival, while releasing music everywhere from Hexagon/Bring The Kingdom to Black Hole Recordings/Gameroom Records. They’ve also performed multiple shows promoted by the largest independent promoter in the US, Disco Presents.

With 'Holy Spirit Lead,' The Two Fake Blondes continue to push musical boundaries, blending elements of contemporary electronic music with heartfelt lyrics that inspire spiritual connection and reflection. As they embark on this exciting new chapter, the duo remains dedicated to spreading hope and joy through their artistry.

For more information about The Two Fake Blondes and their music, visit social media links below.

Artist Bio:

Praised by SiriusXM as 'straight awesomeness,' The Two Fake Blondes are an electrifying husband and wife dance music duo carving their own space into the music industry. Petey and Hannah Mac have developed a truly iconic sound, blending Hannah's vocals and songwriting with Petey's production, resulting in something truly spectacular, garnering national and local attention.

A Washington native, Hannah (formerly Hannah Michelle Weeks) has experienced great success, from opening for major artists like Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker to playing at major venues such as The Ryman. Additionally, she signed a publishing deal at age 16 and has spoken on a national platform for Drug Free America.

Petey Mac has also been widely received, with his music landing on Spotify's Mint, Housewerk, and Dance Rising editorial playlists. He has earned worldwide DJ support and has performed at national festivals such as SXSW and Deep Tropics.

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