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Fine - S-Dee

Title: Fine Artist: S-Dee Genre: CCM / R&B Release date: April 19, 2024 Type of release: Single Source: Artist Story: I had written some of the words of this page on my facebook page a couple years back, it was one of those mornings where I just felt like encouraging someone out there with the same words that God was encouraging me with. I was feeling depleted at the time, I felt I had put in a lot of work but was not seeing any tangible result and this overwhelming feeling to resign and just give up came over and I was battling through that. When this year started, I was looking through all my song ideas to see what I wanted to put out, and then I stumbled on the portion of the words I had written years ago. It just felt right to flesh it out and complete it, and that is just what I did! Artist Bio: S-Dee, born Segun Daramola, is a nigerian-american gospel artist based out of Maryland, U.S.A. With a dedication to music and a passion for creating and experimenting with new s

More Of You - Live at The Heights - Red Letter Society

Title: More Of You - Live at The Heights Artist: Red Letter Society Genre: CCM Release date: April 12, 2024 Type of release: Staggered EP release Source: Artist Story: In life, we often hit a low, feeling stuck as our efforts falter, a reminder of our limitations. Amidst this, the song 'More Of You' was written, shifting focus to God's infinitude. Unlike us, God is limitless in all aspects—grace, justice, mercy, love, compassion, healing, life. This song encourages us to seek help in the one who has endless amounts of it. Artist Bio: We call ourselves “Red Letter Society” because we truly believe and have experienced the transformative power of God’s Word. In older Bibles, the words of Jesus were typically printed in red. So, our name was chosen to reflect a deep commitment to both studying, communicating, and obeying God’s Word. As a group of worship leaders from churches across the Central Virginia area, we love serving the local church and are passionate about seei

Treasure (Live) - Taylor Pride

Title: Treasure (Live) Artist: Taylor Pride Genre: CCM Release date: April 4, 2024 Type of release: Source: Artist Story: God has been teaching me a lot about the importance of community. Recently, a few friends and I escaped to a lake house, where we wrote & recorded this live version of “Treasure.” Based on Psalm 27, this song captures our honest desire: to simply spend time with God and allow Him to protect us & sustain us through every circumstance. The organic soundscape and heartfelt lyrics make this song a perfect way to get lost in worshipping the Lord. Artist Bio: Links to release: Spotify: YouTube: Lyrics Website + social media: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Y

Strong and Steady - Heather Pillsbury, The Worship Coalition

Title: Strong and Steady Artist: Heather Pillsbury, The Worship Coalition Genre: CCM Release date: April 5, 2024 Type of release:  Single Source: Artist management Story: 'Strong and Steady is a song very close to my heart, filled with reflections on a year full of the unexpected. It's about discovering unwavering faith amid life's whirlwinds - consider it an open invitation to tap into divine strength when times are tough. I pray Strong & Steady resonates with you and becomes a source of joy and a reminder of God's everlasting love and might.' Artist Bio: Links to release: Spotify: YouTube: Website + social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Contact details: Please reach out via Facebook:

God Over All - John Gooch

Title: God Over All Artist: John Gooch Genre: CCM Release date: April 5, 2024 Type of release: Single Source: Artist management Story: Born out of a season of difficult personal challenges, “God Over All” was collaboratively written as a reflection on God’s faithfulness in the midst of difficulty. From navigating the trials of single parenthood to witnessing his son's remarkable progress in the face of a disability diagnosis, Gooch has written his deepened understanding and trust of God into this uplifting song. Reflecting on the song's message, Gooch said 'There’s a lot of worship that talks about God’s power in creation. 'God Over All' is a reminder that God works in our circumstances also. Whether in the trials of our past or in a future filled with worry and uncertainty, my hope is, listeners can walk away trusting and worshiping the God whose unrivaled power is constantly working and holding everything together as we are redeemed in Jesus.' Collaborat